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Pressure Transducers
Miniature Series

(In six configurations)

Load Cells
Miniature Series

(In two small sizes)

(In four basic styles)

Transducer And Strain Indicator
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Precision Measurement Company
Manufactures of Pressure Transducers - Miniature Series, Load Cells - Miniature Series, and Extensometers for material testing. Our company has been serving industry, academic institutions and research laboratories for over 30 years. Typical applications include pressure measurements in biomedical studies, fluid or gel pressures in small confined regions, mold pressures in plastic or rubber and measurements of contact pressure between two solids. All transducers are fully calibrated and calibration data is furnished with each individual instrument. All of our instruments are strain gage based designs, giving the advantage of proven technology, reasonable cost, and good performance under both static and dynamic conditions.

Pressure Transducers | Extensometers | Load Cells | Transducer And Strain Indicator
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