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Transducer And Strain Indicator

Models XI

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Precision Measurement Co. is pleased to announce the development of our new transducer and strain indicator as an ideal accompaniment for our strain gage based pressure transducers, load cells and extensometers. This highly sophistocated measuring device allows the user to read physical data in direct engineering terms. For example, pressure transducers can be read in psi or kPa, load cells in pounds or Newtons, and extensometers in percent of specimen strain.

As an added plus, circutry is built into this indicator to allow the user to read ordinary strain gage data directly in microstrain units.

With this versatility, the Model XI serves as an excellent teaching tool for laboratory courses in engineering and sciences. Its low price, rugged construction and ease of use allow it to be tailored for many experiments and data acquision tasks. The same attributes make it ideal as a general laboratory tool in industrial research and development projects.

Some of the technical features of this very attractive digital instrument are given as follows:

Input: Accepts 120 and 320 ohm strain gages and all half and full bridges.

Display: 4 digit red LED, .56" high

Range: -1999 to +9999 counts

Bridge excitation voltage: 5v or 10v dc.

Conversion rate: 3/sec.

Step response: 1 to 2 sec.

Zero trim control: Built in

Voltage output: Available as an option 0-10 v scalable.
Complete instruction manual furnished.

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